The White strain Cannabis Clones and Teen Clones


The White strain is a very potent, vigorous, dark green, indica dominant plant with large fan leaves.  Her flowers are covered in resin and orange hairs.  She loves high humidity in veg and can handle aggressive feeding.  With a proper cure, your harvest will have an amazing aroma, flavor and potency.  The White strain has Med-high resistance to powdery mildew.

BREEDER:  Unknown

GENETICS:  Unknown

TYPE: 85% Indica / 15% Sativa

FLOWERING TIME: 55 to 60 days


From the Web:  This mysterious strain, supposedly from somewhere in Florida and originally called “Triangle,” is aptly named; The White.  She’s covered with so many white trichomes the buds look like they were rolled in confectioner’s sugar. While it appears much like an OG in structure and certainly has the potency associated with the best OG Kush cuts, it has little of the smell or flavor found in those West Coast favorites. The high of The White strain is usually described as a true hybrid effect with equal body and head sensation, and definitely very potent. – Leafly