Cherry Nova

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About Our Cherry Nova Strain:

Cherry Nova is a cross of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Wedding Cake.

At this time, we're offering two selected cuts, the #3 and #6.  Both have a strong cherry gelato nose that represents the Lemon Cherry Gelato mother.  The Cherry Nova #3 has a bit more candy aroma, however with smaller flower structure.  The #6 takes its structure more from the Wedding Cake pollen donor, which creates a more dense and larger flower than the #3.  The photo here is of the Cherry Nova #6, although the flower from both are practically identical in color.

Through multiple trials, we found it very difficult to choose just one, we invite you to try both and decide for yourself.

BREEDER: Spaceship Landing
LINEAGE: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Wedding Cake
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid
FLOWERING TIME: 60 to 63 days