AK-47 Clones and Teens

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About Our AK-47 Strain:

The epic AK-47 clones, bred by Serious Seeds in 1992, has 2 known phenotypes: #1 is short, compact indica dominant; #2 is tall, stretchy sativa dominant.  Top Hat Cannabis Nursery’s AK-47 clones take on the indica dominant traits of phenotype #1: slow to veg with a spreading branch structure and a short, compact stretch and early to finish.

Her branches are strong and support the heavy flowers without trellising.  Yields are heavy with a full canopy, exceeding an ounce per square foot, however, tighten up your plant out spacing in order to achieve that.  Trichome structure is best achieved with day temps below 80F and night temps around 65F or lower.  Powdery mildew/ mold resistance is medium to high.

BREEDER:  Serious Seeds, 1992

GENETICS: Columbian Sativa, Mexican Sativa, Thailand Sativa, Afghani Indica

TYPE: Afghani, Indica Dominant Pheno

FLOWERING TIME: 56 to 58 days