Green Crack Cannabis Clones and Teen Clones


Green Crack (AKA Green Cush) is a sativa dominant, fast flowering strain loved by all.  Typically short and spreading, if left to veg longer, will develop into a large widespread canopy filler.  She prefers heavy under-pruning to invigorate the tops to their fullest baseball sized potential.  If left unpruned or with only light pruning, you will have your hands full of smalls. She also needs good trellising.  The stems of Green Crack are thin and grow horizontal so when stacked with baseball sized nugs it has nothing but trellis and stakes to support it.  The extra effort of pruning and trellising will be fully rewarded with heavy, mango/papaya smelling, sticky dank that packs a punch when smoked.  She has a high resistance to molds and mildews.

BREEDER:  Cecil C, Athens, Ohio – circa 1990

GENETICS: Skunk #1 x Unknown Indica

TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

FLOWERING TIME: 53 to 58 days