Garanimals Strain Cannabis Clones and Teen Clones


About Our Garanimals strain:

The Garanimals strain is yet another favorite here at Top Hat Cannabis Nursery.  Her flowers are silverly violet and caked with resin.  Even more, it’s sweet, berry, cookie aroma has a hint of OG.  Garanimals strain effects are long lasting and very relaxing in the body and mind.

She’s slower to veg and has a small to medium stretch in flower.  Cultivators should consider a longer veg time or adding more plants for a full, even canopy. 

BREEDER:  Cannarado Genetics

GENETICS: Grape Pie x Animal Cookies

TYPE:  Indica Dominant Hybrid

FLOWERING TIME: 60 to 63 days

RELATED STRAINS: Girl Scout Cookies, Lava CakeSundae Driver

PARENT STRAIN INFO:  Garanimals strain is a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies.


Animal Cookies was bred by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot.  It is a cross between perennial favorite Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.  Animal Cookies has definite bag appeal due to its multicolored flowers and complex sweet-sour scent.  It has a heavy, almost narcotic, indica effect.  Therefore providing pain relief, relaxation, and sleep.  With a well-rounded, hashy taste and a heavy body stone, Animal Cookies has the best of what indica varieties have to offer. – Wikileaf