Cadillac Jack Strain Cannabis Clones and Teen Clones


Our Cadillac Jack strain is a beauty.  Our 1998 cut of the legendary Jack Herer pollinated with our Deep Sour Chunk male creating a Jack Herer plant structure with dense round purple flowers.  The flowers take on the Afghani indica traits of the Deep Chunk male.  They are extremely dense and heavy but this plant has no problem supporting them.  Branching structure is open and is easy to prune. She has a large stretch almost doubling in size indoors in the first 25 day of flower.  Resistance to powdery mildew is medium-high but due to the extremely dense flowers, resistance to Botrytis is medium-low in high humidity conditions.  Control the relative humidity between 45% and 50% for best results. Cadillac Jack clones are also available in teens.

BREEDER:  Parker Barrie (Top Hat)

GENETICS:  Jack Herer (1998 cut) X Deep Sour Chunk

TYPE:  50/50 Hybrid

FLOWERING TIME:  60 to 65 days


DISCONTINUED, We no longer have this in production.